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Amplifying Diverse Founders | Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (former) | App Store Marketing (former) | CubaRican | SJSU Alumni


  • Beto Pallares

    Beto Pallares

    Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Innovation

  • Larry Olivarez Jr.

    Larry Olivarez Jr.

  • Lucrece Borrego

    Lucrece Borrego

    Business development pioneer building new capital models that build startups solving real problems for real people. #RiotoRockies #FightforFounders

  • Lisa Abeyta

    Lisa Abeyta

    Economic Development Deputy Director for the City of Albuquerque. Former startup founder, columnist. Always a mom - no matter how old they get.

  • Caila


    The career concierge for professional advancement. Using artificial intelligence to upskill your workforce.

  • Tricia Wang

    Tricia Wang

    Global Tech Ethnographer / Building human-centric systems / co-founder @suddencompass // researches #elasticself #anonymity #quanitficationbias

  • kyle barrios

    kyle barrios

    Consultant looking for opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. English Lit minor with a passion for the written word.

  • Jose Bello

    Jose Bello

    Jose values family, respect for others, faith and work ethic. He is a PhD candidate student, Military Veteran and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

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